Terms & Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions of norbipan.com: (hereinafter: GTC)

Headquarters: Hungary, 5561 Békésszentandras – Madár utca 1.
Registration number: 55928731
Tax number: 54879397124
E-mail contact: norbipanmusic@gmail.com

Further: Contains the rights and obligations of the Service Provider and the Visitor (hereinafter: Visitor) who uses the electronic commercial services provided on the norbipan.com website (hereinafter referred to as the website).

  1. Introductory provisions

1.1. The scope of the General Terms and Conditions covers all electronic commercial services provided in Hungary, which are provided in or through the electronic web store located on the www.norbipan.com website.

1.1.2. The General Terms and Conditions do not apply to all cases where the person wishing to purchase goods from the seller places the order within the framework of entrepreneurial activity.

1.1.3. It is possible to define conditions different from the General Terms and Conditions in the sales contract. Different provisions of the sales contract have priority over the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions.

1.2. Purchases via the norbipan.com website are possible by placing an order electronically, as specified in this document.

1.3. Anyone is entitled to use the services of the norbipan.com website, who places a successful and valid order on the website by entering their real data, and who acknowledges that the content set out in these general terms and conditions is binding on them.

1.4. Placing an order is not considered a contract, it can be modified or canceled without consequence until it is fulfilled. This is possible by phone, e-mail and letter. The contract between the Parties is established during the purchase of the goods and the payment of the consideration for the goods. The contract created with the purchase of the goods is considered a written contract, which is filed by norbipan.com and kept for 5 years.

1.5 The norbipan.com website is operated by Websupport Magyarország Kft.

Contact details of the operator:

Headquarters: 1132 Budapest Victor Hugo Street 18-22.

Mailing and product return address: 1132 Budapest Victor Hugo utca 18-22.

For shipping-related questions:

Email: norbipanmusic@gmail.com

1.6 The prices shown on the norbipan.com website are in forints and euros – clearly marked – and include VAT.

1.7 The seller may unilaterally amend and supplement the text of these Terms and Conditions, which amendment does not affect the rights and obligations of the parties established at the time of the previous drafting of the Terms and Conditions. Any modification will take effect at the same time as it appears on the website.

  1. Registration, order

2.1 The shopping process in the norbipan.com webshop is possible without registration. All visitors have the option of saving their data through their browser, which makes shopping easier, since you do not have to re-type the various necessary data at a later time.

2.2 In the norbipan.com webshop, in addition to the individual product(s), you can always find the basic information necessary for the customer’s decision, the price of the product, the technical parameters and the photo of the products. By clicking on the “ADD TO CART” button next to the selected products, the selected product can be placed in the desired quantity in the virtual basket of the online store. Any number of products can be placed in the basket.

2.3 After placing the selected product(s) in the basket, the contents of the basket can be accessed by clicking on the basket in the menu bar. The number of products can be modified here, and the items in the basket can be deleted.

2.4 To order the products in the basket, press the “CHECK” button, where you can set the customer’s information, payment method and delivery method, as well as delivery address information and billing information. Here it is possible to add additional information, additions and requests to the order in the comment window. If everything is correct, the order can be closed by clicking the “SEND ORDER” button to approve the order, while the order parameters can be changed by clicking the “BACK” button.

2.5 After the order has been placed, the online store will send an electronic confirmation to the customer’s e-mail address with the detailed details of the order.

2.6 The purchase, the conclusion of the contract, and the payment of the consideration for the ordered products are established, i.e. when the amount of money arrives in the online store’s bank account in the case of bank transfer, bank card or other electronic payment, or in the case of cash on delivery, when the amount of the cash on delivery is paid to the courier.

2.7 At norbipanmusic@gmail.com, I am available to interested parties regarding the site, my events and my products.

  1. Payment methods and conditions

3.1 Our customers have the following options for paying for the ordered product(s):

· advance payment by bank card – electronic money (Stripe)

· in the case of delivery, payment by cash on delivery to the delivery person

Payment in advance by bank card or electronic money (Stripe)

My customers can pay the price of the ordered product and the possible cost of delivery to norbipan.com by bank card payment or electronic money. After payment, Stripe redirects the customer to the acceptance point’s website, where he can receive additional information depending on the success of the payment.

Payment by cash on delivery upon delivery

In the case of payment by cash on delivery, after the order is delivered to the home, the Webshop Point courier must pay the price of the product in cash or with a bank card after receiving the product package.

3.2 In the case of home delivery, it is possible to receive the ordered product(s) within the framework of delivery with a courier company. The home delivery of the ordered products is carried out by the Webshoppont courier company on behalf of the operator of the norbipan.com website, which, after placing the order, will attempt to deliver the package at least twice to the delivery address specified at the time of ordering.

3.3 The products that can be purchased on the website are carefully packaged and delivered to our customers, we only deliver them to the territory of Hungary, at a uniform price of HUF 2,500.

3.4 The packages are delivered by Webshoppont on working days between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. If the customer is not at home during this period, it is advisable to enter the work address and contact phone number as the delivery address (this is possible in the comments field during the ordering process). The courier service will attempt to deliver twice to the specified delivery address. Before delivery, the courier service sends an email message to the recipient about the fact of delivery.

In case of unsuccessful delivery, the package will be returned to the sender. Upon delivery, please inspect the package in front of the courier to ensure that it is delivered complete and undamaged. If you still experience damage or missing items, ask for a report and do not accept the package from the courier!

I cannot accept a subsequent complaint without a protocol! If your returned product does not arrive, please let us know by email, letter or phone!

3.5 The courier company’s website: https://www.webshoppont.hu/ The central telephone number and contact form of the courier company can be found under the “Contact” menu item on the above website.

3.6 If you have questions about delivery, you can contact us at the email address info@webshoppont.hu.

  1. Use of discounts

It is not possible to combine discounts.

4.1 It is not possible to use the coupon for discount products, only for full-price products.

4.2 Only one coupon code can be used during an order.

  1. Right of withdrawal, details of withdrawal

5.1 If the Customer wishes to cancel the purchase after receiving the product, he may do so within 14 calendar days without giving reasons. The way to do this is in the “Detailed rules of contracts between the consumer and the business, No. 45/2014. (II.26.)” provides.

5.2 The Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal from the day on which he received the ordered goods.
In the case of the purchase of several products, if the individual products are delivered at different times, then from the date of receipt of the last delivered product; in the case of a product consisting of several items or pieces, the customer may exercise the right of withdrawal from the date of receipt of the last supplied item or piece. My customers can cancel the purchase of the product at any time even before receiving the product, they can notify me by phone or e-mail.

5.3 If the Customer wishes to withdraw from the purchase, it is sufficient to send the written withdrawal statement by post or e-mail within 33 calendar days after receiving the product and return it within 33 days from the day of exercising the right of withdrawal, for which the return postage costs must be paid .

5.4 The Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal in the form of a clear declaration or by using the declaration sample below:

Addressee: Pável Norbert 5561 Békésszentandras – Madár utca 1.

I, the undersigned, declare that I exercise my right of withdrawal with respect to the contract for the sale of the following product/s or the provision of the following service:

[ Here it is necessary to indicate the product or service that is the subject of the contract ]

Date of conclusion of the contract / date of receipt of the product: [ the appropriate data must be entered ]

Name of the consumer: [ to be filled in as appropriate ]

Address of the consumer: [ to be filled in as appropriate ]

Signature of the consumer: [to be signed only in the case of a statement made on paper]

Dated: [ to be filled in as appropriate ]

5.5 In the event of cancellation by the customer, the service provider shall immediately, but no later than within 33 days of becoming aware of the cancellation, refund the full amount paid by the consumer as compensation. If the customer withdraws from the contract as described above, he must return the product immediately, but no later than within fourteen days from the notification of withdrawal. The service provider may withhold the amount to be refunded as a result of the withdrawal from the contract until the consumer has returned the product or has proven beyond doubt that he has returned it; of the two, the earlier date must be taken into account. During the refund, the service provider, the online store, uses the same payment method as the payment method used during the original transaction, unless the Customer expressly consents to a different payment method.

5.6 In case of cancellation, the Customer is solely responsible for the direct cost of returning the product, unless norbipan.com has undertaken to bear this cost.

5.7 Please return the returned products to our mailing address (8200 Veszprém, Boglárka utca 5/c), otherwise the refund of the price of the products will be postponed until the package is returned to this address.

  1. Defective performance

6.1 If the customer did not receive the product he ordered, or if the product received is demonstrably defective, please notify me by phone or e-mail immediately, but no later than within 3 working days. In such a case, I will exchange the defective goods free of charge. In case of faulty performance, our customers have the following options:

Replacement of the product
Exchange of the product with price negotiation
Cancellation of purchase
6.2 In the case of replacement of a defective product, norbipan.com organizes the return of the product – after consultation with the customer – and covers all related costs. If the product is in stock, I will send the exchanged product on the working day following the return of the defective item. If the product is not in stock, the buyer can decide whether to maintain his order. If so, you can choose to wait for the product to arrive; or you can cancel the purchase.

6.3 The evolution of the stock takes place after the orders of that day have been processed. The products cannot be back-ordered.

6.4 In the case of a defective product, I can only exchange the purchased product if it is proven to be defective.

  1. Warranty and guarantee

7.1 The products offered on the website come exclusively from reliable artisan manufacturers. I check the products again before sending them, so that they arrive to the customer in perfect condition. Even with the greatest care, it may happen that the customer is not satisfied with the ordered product for some reason. I will do my best to handle customer complaints as flexibly as possible in accordance with the relevant legislation.

7.2 The seller’s liability for warranty and guarantee is defined in the Civil Code (hereinafter: Civil Code) no. 151/2003. and 19/2014. (IV. 29.) The guidelines are contained in the NGM decree.

7.3 The distribution of the products complies in all respects with the current Hungarian legal regulations. For the products I sell, I provide the warranty required by the laws in force at the time of purchase. The buyer is obliged to examine the received product as soon as possible and to report any deficiencies or defects immediately, but no later than within 3 days after receiving the goods.

A product is considered defective if

· if at the time of purchase it does not meet the legally required properties,

· if it does not have the quality characteristic of a product of the same type,

· if it is unsuitable for the same purposes for which a product of the same type is normally used,

· if it does not have the properties listed in the product description or sample,

· if it cannot be used for the purpose that the customer imagined and with which the distributor also agreed.

7.4 My responsibility ceases in case of improper use of the product (e.g. overloading, careless storage), conversion, careless handling. It is also considered a non-warranty failure if the product has been subjected to external thermal, chemical or excessive physical effects. The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear and damage caused after purchase.

7.5. norbipan.com reserves the right to serve customers who regularly do not comply with the terms and conditions of this contract or otherwise cause damage to the seller, or not at all, to serve only in case of advance payment.

  1. Money back guarantee

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the product, I undertake to refund the purchase price within 33 days of receiving the package.

8.1 If the customer informs me within 33 days that he does not wish to keep the product and uses the money-back guarantee, I can refund the purchase price of the returned product/products after the product has been returned to the pre-arranged address.

8.2 I have the option to refund the purchase price only in the form of a transfer, and I can accept the refund within 33 days from the date of receipt.

8.3 If the money-back guarantee is enforced, all packaging and delivery costs are borne by the Customer.

  1. Final Provisions

9.1 The service provider is not responsible for any damage caused by connecting to the norbipan.com web store. It is the visitor’s responsibility to assess how to protect the data stored on his computer from intruders. The customer is solely responsible for connecting to the norbipan.com website and making purchases on its website. The operator cannot be held responsible in case of force majeure. In particular, errors in the Internet network that prevent the unimpeded operation of the website and shopping on it must be considered as force majeure, and if the data sent and received on the Internet is lost in connection with the operational error. The Service Provider is not responsible for any damage that occurred as a result of connecting to the website.

9.2 In the event that the visitor violates the rules contained in these General Terms and Conditions in any way, the operator may freely declare the customer’s order invalid, delete his profile and reject his purchase intention.

9.3 I hereby inform my customers that I store their data in order to fulfill the contract and to later prove the terms of the contract. I will not pass on your data to third parties, unless a third party participates in the performance of the contract. When handling data, the website operator acts in accordance with the Data Protection Act in force at all times and the website’s Data Protection Principles.

9.4 The contracting parties will do everything in order to settle any disputed issues through negotiations. If this is not possible, the contracting parties stipulate the jurisdiction of the Pest District Court to settle the legal dispute.

9.5 The Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally modify the terms of these GTC at any time. Any modification will take effect at the same time as it appears on the website.