Medicine drums

by Norbi Pan

Professional quality, handmade tunable medicine drums.


I’m glad you’re here!
In our fast-paced world, it is very important to stop from time to time, to connect with our inner world, and to immerse ourselves in the essence of the world beyond words and concepts . 

Perhaps the best tool for this is music, and the fact that you’ve gotten to my site probably means that in some form you’re already an active, creative part of the magic of music , or you’re looking for a way forward .

About the drums

The medicine drum (shamanic drum / frame drum) is one of the oldest instruments used in countless cultures for millennia, a cornerstone of ceremonial, community and musical events.

One of the easiest instruments to use, however, a recurring challenge with them is that they are very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and anyone who has used such an instrument may have experienced a situation where the skin has been deflated and the instrument has become unusable.

A great genius of our drums is a small built-in valve that can be adjusted to the right tension in seconds, so there is no longer a flat instrument and situation 🙂

This instrument can be a perfect choice for those, who are just introducing themselves to the path of music-making, but also for those who are walking it since a long time.

Great companion to empower your voice, to join jam-sessions, to use as a sound-therapy tool, or a part of a musical instrument set for sound journeys and soundhealing ceremonies, to accompany yoga-classes, and so on…

Due to its tunability, it is also an outstanding tool in the hands of professional session- and studio musicians .

About me

My name is Norbert Pavel. I have been involved in intuitive and sacred music since 2001, my career as a performer has allowed me to travel the world, to bathe in the musical traditions of many different cultures and communities, and to seek the perfect, clear sound and harmony that connects us to our ancient origins. I confess that the infinite world of music is one of the purest links to this source, building a bridge between the visible and invisible, the sensual, material and spiritual worlds.

I think I’m best known in the world as a Handpan artist, and that’s partly the case, one of my main instruments, through which I have been able to reach many music and cultural festivals on many continents, I could speak to tens of thousands of people in the audiences in the language of music… But, as a multi-instrumentalist, I am using a much wider range of instruments, to extend my musical vocabulary, and even on my travels outside Europe, medicine drums are almost always accompanying me. The journeys, and experiments of these long years have inspired the birth of these drums.

2020 was an exciting year for many of us…
I had the experience of being “stuck” on the island of Bali for over 4 months in the first wave of a global pandemic.

The original plan was a short visit to Bali, but this blessed forced-rest was in perfect harmony with the needs of the moment, as after our previous 2 months of adventures in Asia, the need arose to make a suitable medicine drum that is easy to use in all situations, regardless of the weather and humidity conditions. Beside that, it was required to be ultra light and easy to carry on, but still to have a really powerful sound and presence, and to create a perfectly designed carrying case, which makes the instrument resistant to the physical stress of continuous travel and movement between actions, concerts and scenes.

The “vision” was pretty clear, and to bring the vision into form, I have recieved enormous help by a group of Balinese magic-sleeved hardworking artists, in a small instrument manufactory. With their help and hard work, through many hours of experimenting, and building countless prototypes for several months, we got to the point where I could tell: Yes, that’s what I was looking for .

It was only a step away from realizing that the instrument we had developed almost perfectly for myself and my needs could not only serve my path, but bring a lot of joy, passion, and inspiration also into the lives of many other people.


Each drum is made by hand, from natural material, unique and unrepeatable.

Lightweight in design and compact in size, it’s the perfect compromise between powerful, clear sound and easy portability .

Made of goat-skin and tropical wood.

medicine dobok

It comes in a professionally designed protective shoulder-bag that can be hung on the body, which ensures that the drum stays intact for a long time, even when traveling, packing and moving a lot .

Each drum has a built-in valve and comes with the right tuning-pump, to tune to perfect tension in seconds, making it a faithful companion even on wet, cool evenings.

In their design, we strived for simplicity, so as not to give a finished story, but rather a perfect blank canvas, so that the ones who feels, can further shape and decorate according to their own taste.

medicine drum

The set includes:
• Medicine drum
• Carrying case
• Tuning pump
• Racket

Drum diameter


With carrier

The price of the set is
€ 280

  • Personal pick-up: Budapest-Hungary
  • Payment options: Bank transfer, PayPal
  • Home delivery : In 7 workdays (EU)

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