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The purpose of this information is to provide information about data protection to visitors. The processing contains minimal data and only absolutely necessary personal data is requested.

Contact form
Through the contact form, you can contact me with questions regarding any of the services presented there or other topics that may arise. I use this data solely for the purpose of responding to the inquiry or contact initiative of a visitor who is interested in my service or wants to use it, for the purpose of information and consultation.

It is not mandatory to use the contact form, I am also available by e-mail.
If you contact me by e-mail, I will not use your e-mail address for any other purpose, and the communication will only serve the purpose of contacting you. Without the consent of the persons concerned, I will not use them for any business, marketing or other purposes in the future, I will not contact them with further offers and I will not send a newsletter without their consent. I will not disclose the provided personal data to third parties.

Sign up for newsletter
You can subscribe to my newsletter via the subscription form, the purpose of which is to let you know about future events and news. I do not send promotions or spam messages. I will not disclose the provided personal data to third parties.

Managed data
Data provided by website visitors during contact: surname, first name, e-mail address, telephone number. Messages sent by visitors are checked by an automatic spam filtering service. During the processing of personal data in connection with the activities carried out on our website, the European Parliament and Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such data, as well as on the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC 2016/679. Regulation no. we act in accordance with the provisions of the Act (hereinafter: “Infotv.”)

Duration of data management
We process the data only until the contact is completed.

Legal basis for data management
The visitor’s voluntary consent, which he gives by contacting him.

The visitor’s rights in relation to their processed data
At any time, the visitor can request information about the processed data, correct them at any time (e.g. in case of data changes) and request their deletion. In the event of a deletion request, I consider the intention to contact you null and void and delete the contact request and related correspondence from my own user email account.

Other information collected in connection with the use of the website
When visiting the website, I do not collect any personal data about the visitor that could be used to identify them.

Cookie statement
The website uses so-called “cookies” – primarily in order to improve the quality of the website’s services and to properly manage security and data protection risks.

We would like to inform you that by visiting the website, small files, so-called “cookies” or (to use a foreign language term) “cookies” may be placed on the visitor’s computer or on the technical device through which the visitor accesses the website visited him.

The “cookies” used on the website do not process personal data.

A “cookie” is a small set of data that this website stores in the browser of the visitor’s computer and can later be read from there. The “cookie” cannot be read by any website other than the one that placed it. I use “cookies” exclusively for administrative purposes and for the purposes specified in this point. No “cookie” contains any personal data that allows anyone to reach visitors by e-mail, telephone or traditional mail. “Cookies” can have countless functions, among others they can collect information, they can remember the visitor’s individual settings and interests, they give the website owner the opportunity to learn about user habits, which information can be used later, but their basic function is to generally facilitate the use of websites and increase the user experience for website visitors. There are cookies that do not involve processing personal data. Consent is required for the use of “cookies” associated with the management of personal data, the legal basis for data management in this case is the consent of the Visitor, which can be given when using the website. Without the consent of the visitor, we do not use “cookies” associated with the management of personal data. The Visitor can withdraw consent at any time, or has the right to object to this form of data management.

Via the link below, you can find the menu item, functions and additional knowledge about how cookies work in the most used browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer):

Google Chrome:
Mozilla Firefox:
Internet Explorer 11:

The majority of browser programs accept “cookies” by default, but the visitor can also choose a setting that rejects the acceptance of “cookies” or indicates their evaluation. You can obtain more information about the role of “cookies” via the following website: or If the Visitor refuses to accept cookies, it is possible that certain elements of the website or the website as a whole will not be available to you. The “cookie” settings specified by you when visiting the website for the first time can be modified by the Visitor at any time.

We use the following cookies on the website in order to improve our services and improve the user experience.

“SESSIONID cookies” are essential for the provision of the service
These “cookies” are cookies that are not related to the management of personal data, but are essential for the provision of our services, the use of which is necessary so that users can browse our website and use the services provided on the site. If you close the website, these cookies are automatically deleted from your computer, but without these cookies we cannot ensure the proper use of the website.

Ensuring the proper functioning of the website through the consent of the Visitor.
Article 6 (1) GDPR Securing and identifying the session in point a) and the status of users between page requests and the end of the visitor session data manager, data processors

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